Moving Checklist

  • How will you get your mail? Contact the local post office and arrange for a box number. Buying a house in a small town does not automatically come with a post office box. If you are in the city the mail may come to your home. Your real estate agent may be able to help you solve this issue.
  • Call your utility companies. Let them know about the upcoming move. Don’t forget about your newspaper, magazines, and doctor’s offices. If you are staying in the same area they may be able to arrange a transfer of services. Have the legal address of the new property ready.
  • If you need to, plan a garage sale. Sometimes it is cheaper to sell some of what you don’t need instead of packing it and moving it. Especially if you haven’t unpacked it from the last move.
  • Start packing early. The more you do before, the easier the actual move is.
  • Keep in contact with your agent. They can help answer any questions you have. If you are moving into unfamiliar territory they can help with their knowledge of the local area.
  • Contact the school your children will be attending. If there is bussing involved the school will let you know how to contact them.
  • The municipal office in the area you are moving to can be a huge help. Contact the city, town, or RM office, introduce yourself and ask any questions you have. Any municipality is happy to have newcomers and usually very willing to help.
  • Did you have great neighbours at your present home? This might be a great time to thank them for being good neighbours.
  • Consider a moving company. Look into their insurance and past references. A little homework before can save lots of frustration later. It can help minimize the stress of the day. It may cost a little more but beer and pizza for your friends may not be that cheap either.
  • Arrange for someone to help with pets. Kennel them before it starts to get very busy. It can be a very stressful day on them as well. Finding a lost animal after a move can be very difficult. You may even want to consider a few days at a boarding facility.
  • Take lots of pictures. Before and after in each home. Moving day is the exciting first step towards a new life but the pictures make sure you can always remember the old one.

Site Last Updated: 26/01/2018