Real Estate as an Investment

Historically, real estate has always been a rising commodity. A second home to rent out, a duplex, or small apartment building can all be great opportunities to generate financial freedom for yourself and your family. ┬áIf you understand the financial commitments involved and the maintenance required to keep a property’s value at a peak level, this can be a wise and lucrative investment.

Investing in real estate is different than owning your own home. If you’re becoming a landlord and renting out your investment property, for example, you’ll have to understand the legal obligations of the landlord/tenant relationship. And when you search for an investment property, you’ll need to be able to assess which property is likely to have the best Return On Investment.

We can help you understand:

  • The legalities involved in owning an investment property.
  • The market analysis for each property you are considering.
  • Tips for realizing the greatest long and short term gain on your investment.

You can access the latest tax information regarding ownership of rental property through this Canada Revenue Agency link.

You can access the latest information regarding landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities through this Government of Saskatchewan link.

How does Selling my rental property down the road affect me financially? You can access the latest rental property information regarding selling of rental property through this Canada Revenue Agency link.

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